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TPRO 1/8 Truggy Sportline LOOPER – XR Soft R3 – White Dish (2) SKU: TP3401SP03R3


With the SPORTLINE tire line, TPRO has paid particular attention to hobby riders and newcomers to the competitive racing scene. The 2 TPRO SPORTLINE Truggy tires are delivered already glued in a resealable TPRO tire bag. You only need to mount the wheels and off you go.

In contrast to the ZR rubber compound, some other additives were used in the SP compound. The SP compound is optimized for durability and “easy driving”.

In addition, the SPORTLINE impresses with a very wide range of applications. Both loose and firm, non-slip surfaces are no problem for the SPORTLINE.

With the 2 profiles available, there is something for every driver type. These 3 profiles are 100% identical to the types of the same name from the ZR Top Racing series.

The Sportline Truggy is available in the hardnesses R3 Soft. With 2 types (2 profiles in 1 type of hardness), the right tire for racing is always included. This noticeably limits the costs for the tire warehouse.

The SPORTLINE series is glued using the same process as the ZR Top Racing series from TPRO. This ensures a bond that withstands the highest lateral forces and accelerations.

The white sport rim used impresses with high strength and good elasticity at the same time. And a high-quality foam is also used for the insert, which has a constant Shore hardness and retains it even after longer driving sessions.

SPORTLINE – The Easy Choice