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Sanwa MT-5 FH5 with RX493i Receiver S101A32671A


♦ FH5 RF mode compatible :
FH5 RF mode is higher resolution than former FH4 RF mode.
Also MT-5 installed SUR (SANWA ULTRA RESPONSE) Mode
which is faster mode than SSR (SANWA SUPER RESPONSE) mode
which was installed in MT-44.

Combination with FH5 RF mode and SUR mode will give great smooth feeling.
Compatible receivers are RX-491, RX492, RX-493, and RX-493i.
(FH3 and FH4 compatible receivers as RX-38*, 45*, 46*, 47*, and 48* cannot be used for MT-5)

♦ Indicator Function compatible :
Indicator function can be checked signal strength connected transmitter.
Using with transmitter which installed Indicator function can be used for finding problems
as incorrect receiver placing and finding the best receiver position for transmitter.

By SANWA technical development, indicator function can be checked signal strength without any effect with response.

♦ High Resolution Display
The same detailed dot as MT-44 enables so clear display.
Three kind of telemetry data can be displayed simultaneously because of gray scale display.

♦  Best position for steering/throttle
Steering/Throttle is arranged in the best position for operation.
Drop Down is used as standard postion.

♦  Three AAA Batteries
Three AAA batteries allows to be not only compact but also light.

♦  USB charge
When used with optional Li-Po 1 cell battery, weight become lighter and it can be changed from USB input.